How to look confident even if you are not

By Anupam Maity | Category : test catt|test215 Jun, 2017

Do you remain anxious, insecure, nervous most of the time when you meet someone important or appear for an interview? Well, let me tell you that you are not alone in this world. There are people who lack confidence and feel it extremely hard to face any interview, public event. I was also once a part of this group. But at the same time, we have got people who are brimming with confidence. Whether it is an interview, any party, they are the ones who are the darlings and literally rule the event.

As a kid, I was the one who always found it hard to mingle with new people, address the class. In my schools, there was a ritual of delivering speeches in the morning assembly. While other students used to deliver speeches perfectly, I could only stammer on the name of reading news and latest event.

This fear continued when I went to college, then for job interviews and later when I had to meet the investors for my upcoming school project. But during all these years, I realized one thing – I never felt uncomfortable when I was with my parents, friends, relatives. In fact, I was the most chirpy in my groups.

Later I realized, where I was wrong and what I missed all these years. Thanks to a wonderful little book written by Dale Carnegie in his book – “How to Win Friends and Influence People“.  I would suggest everyone, yes everyone to read this book.  Even if you don’t love reading books,  just take the pain of reading only this book. I am sure, this book would change the way you interact with people now. Needless to say, this book helped me a lot in personality development. Just to recall one of the achievements, I have been delivering speech every year on Annual Day in front of nearly 1500 audiences. This number is significant because I was the one who could not even face 15 people.

Coming back to the topic, here are few points which can help you look confident and also gain confidence in the long run. Let’s have a look at them.

Steps to increase confidence

  1. Acquire knowledge –
    As cliched as it may sound but, dear reader, acquiring knowledge is the first step to look confident. Admit it, when our interviewer asks something and we know the answer, we get a different unexplainable feeling. That “I know the answer” feeling motivates you and elevates the confidence. Isn’t it.  So, if you want to look confident, learn as much as possible. Read out everything related to the topic, work hard, get tired and again work. Remember, there is no substitute for knowledge. You have to gain knowledge if you want to do something.
  2. Rehearse about the event  –
    Suppose, you are going for an interview. So, just try to imagine what is going to happen there. Like – you would enter in a room, there would be few interviewers, they are going to ask the questions (focus on the questions), you would answer etc. Put more emphasis on the questioning and answering part. Read out the answers loud, if possible in front of the mirror. This strategy works every time. This strategy reduces anxiety and helps you to become more self-assured.
  3. Dress well and modify your body language –

    Your body language plays an important role in how people perceive you. But important thing is – how you perceive yourself. Poor dressing sense always gives an insecure feeling within us. Try to dress well and keep your body language affirmative (stand tall, look straight).  Try not to reflect your concerns on your face. Even if something is bothering you, let is remain there inside. Take a long deep breath and focus on your upcoming event. Just assume that everything would be in your favour. Remember, there is a huge power in our thinking. Thoughts influence our actions. So, always remain positive no matter what the situation is. Practice it out.

  4. Live confident all the time –
    Confidence isn’t like your dress that you wear it before any event and take it off later on. Confidence should be a part of you.  Practice confidence when you are interacting with your friend, store manager or anyone. This is an art. You can never master it in one day. You need to devote time towards it. If you want to look confident, then start practicing it from now onwards.

Always remember, no one will believe in you, unless you do.

Don’t let other people influence your attitude. Let them say whatever they want, be what you are.  Don’t let them manipulate your thoughts. You are no less important that others. Know your importance and work towards it.

Check out this insightful video by Dr. Ivan Joseph on the skill of self confidence –

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